Dongsuh Industry, a nature-friendly enterprise for the environment

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Dongsuh Industry thinks about the environment and the future.

Ceaseless value creation for customers

That is the value of
Dongsuh Industry Co., Ltd.

With the technology of making humans happy and dreams come true, we try to contribute to human and society.

Thank you for your visit to Dongsuh Industry. Wood is a nature resource which has long been friendly to human beings. Wood newly draws attraction thanks to its eco-friendliness.

As a national basic industry, the woody industry that deals with sustainable resources is the best for environmental protection in the era where the environment is considered important. In all process of waste wood materials, including production, use and recycling, Dongsuh Industry Co., Ltd. commits itself to developing wood recycling technologies in harmony with the environment.

With the vision of the wood industry, Dongsuh Industry will will always cherish the natural environment and happy human life in order to contribute to economy, society, and the environment.

DONGSUH Co., Ltd Kim Cheol ju