Dongsuh Industry, a nature-friendly enterprise for the environment

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Dongsuh Industry thinks about the environment and the future.

Management Philosophy

  By introducing a large mobile wood chipper for full waste treatment business, woos waste treatment & recycling, and pine wilt disease prevention, our company fully processes wood wastes of various sites and woods infected with pine wilt disease in an eco-friendly processing technique at economic cost.
  Thinking about nature and the future, Dongsuh Industry Co., Ltd. does the best to have social responsibility and improve the global environment. By making ceaseless efforts and enhancing competitiveness, the company prepares for the future. If Dongsuh Industry Co., Ltd. is requested to make intermediate or recycling process of wastes, our company clearly addresses the issue with social responsibility for resource recycling and does the best to provide quality service.
  With the motto 'safety, sincerity, and honest', Dongsuh Industry always puts safety in top priority. Based on sincerity and honest, the company promises to grow to a better and more reliable enterprise.

About Company

Company name Dongsuh Industry Co.,Ltd.
Establishment date January 26, 2010
CEO Kim Cheol ju
Factory License Waste Intermediate Recycling Business [License No. 2013-9]
Fertilizer Production Business Registration Certificate Jeonnam 85-Ga-20402
Corporate Research Institute No. 2015152793 of Korea Industrial technology Association
Patent Aqeous dispersion composition for coloring woodchips and colored woodchips manufactured with the same composition
Trademark Registration Saekdrin[License No. 40-0971974-00-00]
Business Place 122, Byeongnyu-gil, Geumcheon-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Contact Info. TEL : +82-61-333-7474     FAX : +82-61-333-7473
Business Areas Color wood chip, Wood waste recycling, Mixed Organic fertilizer