Dongsuh Industry, a nature-friendly enterprise for the environment

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Dongsuh Industry thinks about the environment and the future.

  •   Time shortening with professional loggers
  •   Professional equipment technicians with more than 15 years of career
  •   Establishment of specialized sawdust production line(25-ton special vehicle to transport sawdust and chips)
  •   The nation's first company of chipping and recycling wood with pine wilt disease
  •   Excellent effects such as soil moisture retention, ground temperature control, and erosion prevention
  •   The nation's first development of colored woodchips
  •   Eco-friendly products developed on the basis of thorough quality standards
  •   100% pure hardwood processed products through the use of coloring elements safe for animals and plants
  •   "Saekdrin" is the chipped pine wood based composite organic fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen, phosphorous acid, kalium, and organic substances
  •   The product does not use waste dry materials and waste wood materials like waste furniture
  •   Continuous supply of nutrition by gradual decomposition of wood chips
  •   Creation of the conditions good for plant growth(soil, temperature, nutrition, etc.)